Meet The Team! Q&A With Our Juliet

It's clear from the moment you meet Juliet, that she loves fashion. She can't help it! We caught up with her about some of her love of the industry and her favourite things about running a contemporary womenswear boutique.


When did you first discover your love of Fashion? 

From a very young age, I loved clothes & dressing up. We used to get a big box of clothes from cousins in America every year & there was great excitement in trying everything on. Apart from a dodgy 80's wardrobe, I have always loved beautifully cut, tailored clothes & I am known amongst my family & friends as having a huge weakness for Knitwear!


When did you decide to open the boutique?

After a successful pharmaceutical & marketing career and several years working for designers & boutiques I opened JUJU in 2005 after much persuasion from Paul, my husband. I have never looked back. It has been one of the best things I ever did (apart from having my kids....) & I still love working in the shop & dealing with our lovely clients.


What has been your greatest challenge? 

Getting through the 2011 recession, but we did that by buying great labels & having wonderful & loyal clients.


What is your favourite thing about running a boutique? 

Having a warm & welcoming shop, great staff & clients who have become friends over the years. I also still love 'buying season'. I travel about 6 times every year to London, Paris & sometimes New York & I still get excited by new labels, which is the best feeling ever! Having a great relationship with our suppliers both here & abroad makes the job even more enjoyable.


What is your best piece of Fashion advice?

Be comfortable in what you wear, as it will give you more confidence than anything else.... also every woman should have a great tailored jacket in her wardrobe!


Who's your biggest fashion inspiration? 

Women.... always have been & always will be. I admire all types of style & fashion. My lovely Italian Auntie Maria is probably one of the most stylish women I have ever known. She introduced me to cashmere at an early age when myself & my two sisters were still wearing Aran cardigans......


Summarise your style in 3 words.

That's tough - just 3 .... as I have got older I think its: comfort, elegant & slightly edgy.